Workshop Recordings

Special thanks to Elizabeth Diacos for this opportunity to share a "2022 Wellbeing Inspired Goal Setting" session on her "Get Out of Teaching" podcast.

We talked about the shift from Willpower (pushing ourselves) to Wellpower (stretching ourselves) and how we can befriend our resistance to change without mistreating ourselves in the process.

Listen on Apple Podcasts here:
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Please enjoy this NEW YEAR'S Wellbeing Review workshop that was recorded January 2022. (of course we can review our wellbeing at any time of the year).

This recording introduces the wellbeing model and the friendship skills that live at the heart of the Activate Wellbeing programs and mission. This is offered freely, without need for an email subscription. It's hoped that if you have questions, comments or feedback that you'll consider sharing those via email or via the Contact Us page.  Workshop dates for 2022 will be shared soon (check our Facebook page for events).


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