If you have experienced trauma or role-modelling in childhood that didn't support you to practice the four attitudes of wellbeing, then that's where we begin. But how?

Coaching in Self-Advocacy is a fast-track to implementing a practice for wellbeing.

With coaching you will be offered opportunities to:
* Learn to communicate more effectively for your wellbeing with yourself and others
* Get clear about what you are working on to focus effectively on what matters
* Be appreciated for your past efforts and receive empathic restoration with yourself       
   around the impacts of your own coping strategies (on you)   
*Begin to honour the gifts in your "underworld" feelings... anger, guilt, fear, shame and
  depression...to welcome the wisdom that lies within them. 

* Build on your strengths with warm accountability
* Mourn and move through the stuck places with empathic accompaniment
* Transform unhelpful patterns that may have you spiralling in frustration
* Learn to invite the relationships and personal fulfilment that is more aligned with who you really are. 

Learning self advocacy is a 'wellbeing way' of relating with your needs and the needs of others. It's communicating with greater focus, compassion, generosity and gratitude.

As a coach I lean into my own practice of Marshall Rosenberg's 'Nonviolent Communication' (NVC) that I've been learning, practicing and sharing for over 10 years. The model of NVC helps us to tease out observations from our evaluative language habits and discover our needs and feelings so we can find requests for ourselves and others that are more life serving and aligned with wellbeing.

Coaching in wellbeing means having an accountability buddy for deepening your practice of friendship with yourself

Neuroscience tells us that cultivating these 4 attitudes becomes a powerful practice for experiencing wellbeing...it's like growing muscles at the gym, only instead you are growing friendship muscles with yourself, with others and with the wellbeing circumstances in your personal life, with your family and in your work.

  • GENEROSITY - capacity to relate warmly from your heart, starting with yourself

  • GRATITUDE - capacity to appreciate and celebrate you as well as others and the gifts in your life

  • COMPASSION - capacity to mourn and empathise with sadness an loss in yourself as well as others

  • CONTEMPLATION - capacity and space to discover your own knowing of where, how & what to focus on to serve your needs and next steps that matter most to you.

Where do we start?

With your communication skills.


Self advocacy is the first step. It's where we put our focus first... to facilitate your compassionate, generous and grateful communication with yourself and others in a way that strengthens your "relating" and builds friendship skills with your life. 

Learning self-advocacy is a journey of deepening trust and authenticity with yourself, your family, in your work and community.  You will be amazed how your world flourishes as your practice grows.

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What do sessions involve?

Revisiting childhood experiences with curiosity and compassionate communication to transform stuck patterns of fear and avoidance that disable your wellbeing

Learning loving ways to express within yourself so that you can tend to your own precious heart and increase trust in yourself to "speak up" and advocate for your wellbeing when you need to have your back

Practicing your decision-making in healthy ways. Finding your genuine Yes and No... and exploring new ways of responding rather than reacting  when you are "triggered" or "impacted".

Checking in with your beliefs and values so you know how and what you are 'standing for' when you speak. It's central to your own wellbeing to know where you are coming from.


“Karen brings so much love to the work that she does and has an uncanny ability to speak to all aspects of your being. Highly recommend working with this beautiful soul”

- Bridget Blackford


"Karen's capacity to really hear the essence of what I am trying to say and reflect it back to me better than I could have said it myself is a truly exceptional gift and has been very supportive of my process"

- Alistair McKinnon


“"I began working with Karen to learn some strategies for helping my clients to self-advocate in challenging workplaces, but this work is much more. It’s not only a philosophy, but also a methodology, a new way of being and speaking that is truly empowering.”

- Elizabeth Diacos


For more information about personal coaching packages contact karen@activatewellbeing.com