Wellbeing Overwhelm

When I was growing up in the 80's, wellbeing was simply about what you did for your body, like going to the gym (wearing lycra and leg warmers) and eating the right amount of the different food groups.

In the last decade we've seen more about wellbeing in relation to mental health, substance addictions and technology dependence in teens. Even more recently, there's been advertising targeting your financial wellbeing, wellbeing in retirement, wellbeing in housing design. Wellbeing is occurring now like a growing "should" list of all the things you "should" be doing for yourself.

Add a 2 year pandemic, lockdowns, new global financial concerns, natural disasters and social unrest and we know how sharply our personal wellbeing comes into focus and how quickly families can feel the pressure. Even people who are "coping well" could be caught "chasing their tails" with "so many jobs to do" to look after personal wellbeing.

In response to my own wellbeing overwhelm, I've been exploring a new relationship with my personal wellbeing that's more than just a growing list of 'to do' items. It's a perspective I've been applying myself since 2016 that's focused on deepening my "friendship state" with myself, which then empowers my clarity in relationship with these 6 aspects of personal wellbeing.

Recently I ran an introduction to share how I conduct a personal wellbeing review based on this inner-friendship approach. I'm very happy to share that recording if you'd like a link please feel welcome to message me.

It's true we face extraordinary challenges in these times, we also have new opportunities like never before to redefine ourselves as advocates for a new world of wellbeing, starting at home with ourselves.

What are some of the new ways you've been taking care of your personal wellbeing these days?


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