What inspiration can you reach for to believe in yourself a little bit more today?

Updated: Jul 13

I'm curious what would inspire you to believe in yourself just a little bit more today?

The coaching I do in Self Advocacy is just as much about self-belief as it is about self-expression and we all need a little bit of inspiration to raise our self-belief now and then.

I've been at the Gold Coast this week with my adult kids and devoted my time to being on holidays together...this morning though I needed a walk on the beach just with me.

As I walked I realized just how much my kids inspire me to reach for my next version of rise to my challenges, to be a role model of the perseverance, courage, and self-respect I would want for them.

In June I'll be back to the Gold Coast to present on Self Advocacy at the Australia & NewZealand Addiction Conference. I'm excited about it and stretched outside my comfort zone. I don't think I could have even contemplated doing such a thing 3 years ago. I've needed to grow through perseverance, courage, and self-respect.

We all need #inspiration to grow because it can feel emotionally "risky" to believe that you CAN before you actually DO. It's breathing in self-encouragement and trust in yourself.

So what would inspire you to believe in yourself just a little bit more today?


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