Rest, Restore & Stretch towards your Wellbeing goals

Before Easter, I heard more than once from friends who were tired and “dragging” themselves to the Easter break to have a rest.

Was that you too? Did you get a rest?

We just had another public holiday this week, did you rest (and remember the fallen too)?

How does rest play a part in you looking after your wellbeing?

When you take on a new project for your personal wellbeing, do you include rest breaks as well as stretching towards your goals?

And what happens when you perhaps fall short of your goals? Not saying that it ever happens to you...but if it did? Do you rest and reset yourself or do you get cranky with your efforts and double-down on yourself?

Can you be a bit harder on yourself than you are on others?

I'm guessing you were educated to look after your wellbeing by “course correcting” noticing some extra kilos or a diminishing savings account and then setting new goals for better wellbeing outcomes; a fitter body, a better bank balance.

In simpler times it was usually just one or two things we were working on at once, now it’s often four or five or more wellbeing issues we’re trying to manage.

You’ve no doubt had to get better at productivity around your goals, more apps, more systems, and more of a sense of purpose to help keep you on track. But many of my most motivated purpose friends are tired now after a few years of putting their wellbeing into “covid resilience mode”, they’re tired. Are you too?

What if there was a way of relating to your wellbeing that encouraged you to rest and create practices for you to restore first before asking yourself for more resilience?

What if it was a compassionate approach to living your best life and working on your purpose, without working yourself into the ground?

Looking after your personal wellbeing is not just a productivity science, it’s an art form. Self-care is not a race to your next wellbeing outcome, it’s a state of being, that supports your state of doing.

If you’re curious to learn more, I’ll be hosting a free INNER-FRIENDSHIP webinar next month, to explore how you can create practices to “resonate wellbeing”, to experience more self-care so your efforts to “do well” don’t tire you out so much.

If you’re interested to attend, private message me or add a 'yes please' in the comments below and I’ll make sure to send you an invitation.

What are the practices that work for you to rest and restore yourself when you’re tired (let’s say sleep is already the no.1 thing) what else?


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