How do we express our needs for liberation and compassion together?

We censor, defend and shy away from self-advocacy at times. It’s understandable.

When we arrive in this world, we advocate easily for our needs, we cry when we’re upset or uncomfortable, hungry or unsure, we reach for cuddles unashamed. These self-expressions reflect an instinctual self-advocacy that pours through us unhindered by ideas of right and wrong, guilt or shame.

As we grow we learn the sound and energy of NO. "No you can’t play with sharp things", "no you can’t have ice-cream for dinner". We rage with all our might against such denial of our wanting and we learn the consequences. We adjust ourselves to their rules, our survival depends on it.

Our liberation in adulthood comes as we unburden ourselves of our safety protocols. We begin by changing how we speak to ourselves. Gently with compassion we learn to encourage “back to life” the parts of us that we’ve ‘shut down’ and realize these are the parts that house our creativity and personal truths.

Self-advocacy is a path of increasing liberation and compassion together. Waking up from the dream that controlling ourselves will ever get us what we really want.

We are the ones who can truly set us free.

What's an extra kindness you'd be willing to say to yourself today?


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