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Is wellbeing at the centre of your organisational  decision-making today?

Wellbeing consulting for your organisation means enlisting support to align your organisation with it's values... so that your organisation and the people you serve can clearly see and feel the way you walk your talk. 

Wellbeing is an organisational skill

Wellbeing is worth getting good at together. Often we only realise that fact when some aspect of our organisational structure or culture is out of alignment... perhaps an unwanted pile up of complaints, a struggling sense of team, confusion about what needs, or whose needs, are really being served at the heart of the organisation?

Focusing on one challenge at a time or even multiple challenges simultaneously can wear down our organisational wellbeing so that the problems can seem to 'get the better of us' creating a 'snowball effect' that compounds our challenges in a less than life-serving direction. Popular strategies to cope with the stress or despair of "the-change-we-don't-want" can exacerbate our organisation unravelling.

What we want is a wellbeing 'snowball effect' in a life-serving direction that expands both the capacity for and enjoyment of genuine states of wellbeing in our organisations.

Strategic support will help you to understand what's happening,  listen to and advocate for what the organisation needs, invite your team to align with wellbeing at the centre of the organisation and begin to implement together.

Strategic wellbeing support will not only help you to hear what your organisation needs, it will also provide skills in collaboration and support to implement changes in a life-serving direction for your organisation.

The Process

Experiencing organisational wellbeing means having an organisational structure and culture that resonates with the values of the whole, with human needs at the centre.

Focusing on wellbeing and organisational needs rather than on "problems" will begin to return  a sense of power and enjoyment as a team... which will increase your capacity to implement in alignment with what you all really long for, rather than being caught in the fear or distress of what you don't.

Where do we start?


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