I was trained as a professional communicator, a degree qualified Public Relations and Communications specialist. My early professional career skills I discovered though, didn't help me to navigate the emotional and psychological challenge of communicating as a partner, a parent and friend, especially in the context of having a family member with a serious substance addiction. Persuasion and strategic communication had a limited shelf life in building deep trust and lasting relationships for healing and wellbeing in my family. I needed a deeper sense of emotional resilience and my own wellbeing to stay sane. 

In 2010 I found Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication (NVC). This work transformed my communicating and my inner emotional skills and allowed me to sit alongside others and express empathy in ways that were transformative.

I learned how to shift out of self-sacrifice and the resentment I felt about other's not recognising my needs. I began to understand that our mutual wellbeing and wellness begins with these rich relational and communication skills, with ourselves as much as with others.

There is a difference between the communication we are "conditioned" to speak and the courageous and compassionate language that's aligned with a deeper sense of who we are. When we are connected this way with ourselves and others, we flourish. This is wisdom that unlocks a world of wellbeing across the different aspect of our lives where we might have unconsciously established patterns of relating that don't work for us as well as we might hope!

If you're ready for the excitement and challenge of activating your wellbeing, then I invite you to get curious with me. Book an exploratory call with me today.

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