Meet Karen

A communications professional for over 30 years

I was trained as a professional communicator, a degree qualified Public Relations and Communications specialist who initially spent more than 12 years producing content and press releases about stuff that didn't really inspire me. My early professional career skills I discovered though, didn't help me to navigate the emotional and psychological challenge of communicating as a partner, a parent, friend or community member. Persuasion and strategic communication had a limited shelf life in building deep trust and lasting relationships...especially with myself. So I went looking for new ways to connect.

I re-focused my communication skills to include a deeper understanding of empathy and the languages of compassion, generosity, gratitude and contemplation and I practiced them "in the trenches" as a parent and as a long-term advocate for a family member with major depression, regular suicide ideation, anxiety and drug dependencies. "Master negotiator" only went so far. Being alongside and able to express empathy meant I could understand and advocate without rage and blame in a mental health system that is struggling to function as it's service-providers and recipients would most hope.

In the process I learned how to shift out of self-sacrifice and resentment that my needs weren't being met and began to understand that our mutual wellbeing at home and at work, begins with effective relational and communication skills, what I now call the skills of Self Advocacy.

There is a distinct difference between the communication we are "conditioned" to speak and the courageous and compassionate language aligned with who we really are.

If you're ready for the excitement and challenge of articulating yourself in new ways that will re-ignite your heart, your wellbeing and (if you choose) ignite a community of support around you, then I invite you to get curious with me. The journey awaits.