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Your greatest wealth is your wellbeing. And so it is.

Working with me you will learn a model of wellbeing that brings clarity to your inner work and power to your work in the world.

For more than 10 years now I've been learning about inner friendship with Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication and have been applying this relational wisdom to empower my own life and support others in both their personal and professional domains.

Perhaps you have a sense of life-purpose or purpose-work, or a purpose-business that is calling you to evolve? Would you like a companion who knows the road well?

Does it call you to share the level of generosity, care and commitment with yourself, that you do with others?

Click the button above to come and learn the 3 keys to inner friendship to support your wellbeing, or scroll down below to email me.

I look forward to connecting with you.
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As your Wellbeing Companion I'll support you to create new wellbeing experiences, growth and healthy power dynamics across the aspects of your wellbeing.

I'll support you to practice wellbeing habits like these: 

Compassionate Communication (NVC)

The neurosciences (which explain how our brains work) are able to validate that Resonant Empathy changes the brain, deepens our relationship with ourselves and unlock us from past experiences that have created limiting beliefs. Nonviolent Communication provides a process for learning to resonate with empathy for our own experiences.


Contemplative practices soothe and rest the brain so that you can access a deeper sense of yourself, your needs, your own wisdom and what path is yours to follow in terms of your evolving wellbeing.


There is substantial evidence that learning to collaborate internally with the parts of ourselves that may be in conflict, also supports us to develop our collaborative skill with the people that matter most to us. Having strong social connections is central to our sense of wellbeing.


Fear and anger dissolve in the presence of gratitude. An open heart that can feel deep gratitude knows the value of exploring what might be hidden in the "shadow emotions" of our fear, shame or anger...even if we buried it decades ago, we can bring it into the love of an open heart to reconnect through past pain into new levels of personal power.


To turn our generous heart towards ourselves and listen with the tenderness and curiosity of a new parent with their baby... that is a practice that melts our defensiveness with ourselves and others, so we can discover more of what is true for us... and, develop a quality of relational generosity that is central to our interpersonal wellbeing.

Emotional Health

As we tend to the aspects of our wellbeing with increasing awareness and skill, we enrich our perception of what wellness actually means to us and we can recognise the patterns that help us to achieve progress in whatever area of our lives is needing attention. This sense of personal agency is central to our experience of wellbeing.


“Karen brings so much love to the work that she does and has an uncanny ability to speak to all aspects of your being. Highly recommend working with this beautiful soul”

- Bridget Blackford


"Karen's capacity to really hear the essence of what I am trying to say and reflect it back to me better than I could have said it myself is a truly exceptional gift and has been very supportive of my process"

- Alistair McKinnon


“"I began working with Karen to learn some strategies for helping my clients to self-advocate in challenging workplaces, but this work is much more. It’s not only a philosophy, but also a methodology, a new way of being and speaking that is truly empowering.”

- Elizabeth Diacos

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